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Burger Tour Featured in May 2013 St. Paul Pioneer
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Red Cow
3624 W 50th St, Minneapolis, MN 55410
(612) 767-4411

Any time an establishment has the courage, bravado, or guts to put the word “Burger” in their name, TCBurgerTour makes a stop. But, this place takes it a step further and throws the word “Cow” right on the front sign! Then, they raise it up a notch by calling it “Red” Cow. We immediately think “Rare Meat”! Yes!

OK, from the front it does resemble a renovated convenience store or even an old Blockbuster Video (you see… years ago people used leave their homes and go to a retail location and rent a video tape or disc and….. never mind) but, don’t let the massive retail windows fool you! This is a really good burger place!

Step inside and this has the feel of a micro brewry with its open ceiling and butcher block tables. A micro brewry with burgers! Now there’s a good combo. For starters they have a large beer selection with over 35 beers on tap and another 30 or so in cans or bottles.

Their burger selection is just as large and far reaching with elk, bison and lamb and "what"? Did we just say lamb? Ok, they start to wonder off the ranch with a veggie burger and a lamb burger and go on vacation by listing an Ahi Tuna burger. Those are not "burgers" and certainly not for us. We want a burger with a "red cow" in it!

And when it comes to beef they deliver! Make sure you order the Ultimate Burger which is only $10 or the Manhatten for $15 which is an 8 oz. Pat Lafrieda (New York butcher company ) beef burger.

Our burgers came out hot and juicey and made to order, which is always a challenge when you have to deliver seven burgers at once for a table. The bun is toasted and a good balance of freshness and firmness to hold it all together. This burger is going to crack our Top 10!

The Story Behind the Tour

       Feature Story on Ch 12! 

The TC Burger Tour was founded in 2009 with the vision of finding the best burger in the Twin Cities.  What started as a handful of young men with a passion for a great burger, turned into a quest to fulfill the insatiable need for the ultimate burger.  We are an unbiased, unsponsored group, we provide the brutally honest opinion of any burger we try.

Top 10 Burgers - This is our list of the very best burgers in the Twin Cities.  This list is constantly changing due to newly found burgers, as well as repeat visits.  Consistency is critical, an important aspect of a great burger joint is the ability to make a top notch burger time after time.  No burger is safe! 

We also offer a comprehensive review of burgers all across the Twin Cities.  Check it out and see how your favorite ranks with the experts.  If you don't agree let us know in the forum, we want to hear from you!

If you know of a great burger, please feel free to nominate it to or  All nominations will be tested by the group and if its really good it might just make our Top 10 List! 






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